Demolition of the Honeywell (Bendix) Plant Located @ Teterboro, NJ.

The Bendix Plant has been in operation since 1938 when Eclipse Aviation and Pioneer Instruments, subsidiaries of the then Bendix Aviation Corporation, were moved to Teterboro, NJ.
This entire facility was closed by the last owner, Honeywell Corp., in September 2008.

The Demolition of the former Bendix Plant is still a Work-In-Progress.

Image of Plant Demolition
All Plant Structures have been removed. Their 'rubble' remains to taken away.
This 1st Photo was taken from Industrial Ave looking West.

Image of Plt Demol and The Park that Fronted the Complex. This Photo shows some Plant Demolition. The Park the fronted the Plant is still there but over grown.
This 2nd Photo was taken from Industrial Ave looking West.

Image of Plt Demol From Main Prkg Lot. The High Altitude Bldg and the Power Plant at the far end have been removed.
The 3rd Photo was taken at the Entrance to the Main Parking Lot.

This is a major redevelopment project consisting of two phases: Demolition of structures and a major Environmental Cleanup Program (ECP).
The demolition of the main plant was begun in March 2009. The estimated completion of this teardown is sometime in September 2009.
The scope of the ECP is in a process of being finalized.
The plant site area 63 acres contains various containments such as PCBs and other chemicals that were used in the various manufacturing operations of aircraft equipment.
This site area also had a die cast foundry operation in a separate building which was located at the rear of the main plant near the railroad line.
This foundry was eventually phased-out of operation and the building was completely renovated.
The BSE operation( Later known as TSD) was then relocated to that building. This building has been removed but the underneath soil is part of the ECP.

ProLogis,a Denver CO. corporation, is the now developer for this site.
It is known for building large distribution centers and then leasing them to manufacturers, retailers, transportation companies.
This site could become a large mixed-use commercial center in years to come with easy access to an airport and major highways -
when the U.S. economy resurges from its present economic condition.