Thursday, October 23, 2008
1:00 pm
Honeywell World Headquarters
AB-1 Auditorium
101 Columbia Road, Morristown, NJ

President Lew Bohn introduced our guest speaker Mr. Gregory J. Chebuske, an Investment Advisor with SII Investments, Inc. located in Fairfield NJ.
He provided a visual/audio presentation which included a handout. The subject was:

Top Ten Mistakes Most Make With Their Finances
(And How to Correct Them)

Here is a brief Outline of Topics that were discussed.

  1. Working Capital NOT Working
    Reducing Taxes, Increasing Income

  2. Too Many Eggs in One Basket
    Banks, CDís

  3. Holding Title Jointly
    Joint Tenancy, Beneficiary Designations

  4. Not Understanding Bonds
    Inflation, Interest Fluctuations

  5. Paying Too Much Taxes
    Tax Reduction Strategies

  6. Preserving our Assets
    Estate Tax, Probate

  7. Healthcare Catastrophes
    Home Care, Nursing Home Cost

  8. Paying Unnecessary or Excessive Commissions
    Fees & Expenses, No-Load Funds

  9. Procrastination
    Out-Smarting Yourself

  10. Planning a Vacation Rather Than Protecting Your Estate
    Living Now & Planning Later.

The reader can obtain addition information on the above by contacting Mr. Gregory Chebuske.
Tel #: 888-418-2587
Email: greg.chebuske@siionline.com

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