Honeywell in the News

Honeywell is frequently in the news.

This website was added on 08/2013.
The following is a C-Span Video. It features an interview of Honeywell Intl's CEO David Cote by WSJ's John Bussy.

The event was the WSJ Executive Breakfast held in NYC on 06/20/13. The length of this video is about 1-hr.
A wide range of Subjects is covered during this interview and there is a Q&A with the audience after the interview.
Honeywell CEO David Cote discusses economic growth, the deficit, international technology competitiveness and energy policy.

Please turn your sound on and Click on the following link to view this video program.


Recently Honeywell launched a new website called Honeywell/Now. This website includes news, press releases, CEO speeches, and awards and recognition.

Honeywell's new website is Honeywell/Now. This website was added 03/13.


Honeywell CEO, David Cote was recently featured in Barrons.

The following Barron's Article - 01/14/13 - features Honeywell Intl's CEO David Cote.

This article - Mr.Cote Goes to Washington - by D.Machan covers his Personal Life and his Corporate Life.
David Cote has been CEO of Honeywell Int'l since Year 2002. During his tenure, He has reshaped Honeywell Int'l thru several company acquistions and integrations.
He is presently a member of the steering committee of the Fix the Debt coalition.
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