President's Column

December 2018

Our H/AREA organization is facing two major issues. First, we are very short of the board members and second, our total membership continues to decline. You can help solve the first problem by volunteering for the H/AREA Board of Directors. This involves attending one board meeting a month and spending an additional 4 to 6 hours working on a specific area of interest to both you and the organization.

To help address the second issue please encourage anyone you know who is a retired Honeywell employee to join the H/AREA organization. I think they will find that the benefits of membership far outweigh the cost of joining.

Have a very happy holiday season.

Thank you.

By Kundan Patel

June 2018

We heard from three members in February. Marie Pezza celebrated her 100th birthday. Congratulation to Marie and wishing you many more heathy and happy years ahead.

Elaine Weeden will celebrate 50 years of total working this year. At present, she works in a quality control lab in Hoosick Falls, NY. Congratulation to Elaine.

Laurence D. Bobbin started at old Allied Chemical in 1959 starting at Charlotte, and then moved to Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Morristown, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Morristown, Charlotte, and back to Morristown before retiring. Many moves. I am sure his kids must have loved it. Amazing! Laurence says he is astounded every time he drives by the former Honeywell Morristown site and sees all the old memories gone.

Please send us your comments, we love to hear from our members.

by Kundan M. Patel

March 2018

The late Lew Bohn was right when he wrote in one of his President’s columns for the newsletter that the H/AREA president’s most demanding duties is to write the President Massage. He also said that the column must be politically correct, thought provoking, informative, and interesting. Lew was an excellent writer so the task was easy for him, however, I am not a writer or a philosopher, thus, it a daunting challenge for me.

Accordingly, in this issue of our newsletter I am just going to express some hopes for the coming year. I hope that you: do good things for yours and others; appreciate the world around you; develop and bolster relationships; establish goals that can be accomplished; learn something new every day; choose to accept yourself and others, flaws and all; practice resilience and mindfulness. 

Have a happy and productive 2018.

by Kundan Patel

December 2017

Will the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history on Sunday, October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas that killed 58 people injured 546 change the debate over gun rights? Sadly, the more things change, the more they seem to say the same.
This is what late Lew Bohn wrote in his president’s column of the June, 2013 H/AREA newsletter following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012 that killed 27 and injured 2.

President’s Remarks by Lew Bohn, June 2013 I really don’t have a strong position on the gun control issue. I have never owned a gun. It seems reasonable to me, however, to get a back-ground check, limit magazine capacity and to ban sale of assault weapons.
Two of my kids are avid NRA members, and the others are for gun control. The NRA kids win all the arguments because they are fortified with an amazing background of statistics, anecdotal evidence and sound logic; all graciously provided by the NRA.
All that aside, what really disturbs me is that our U.S. Congress has been bought by the NRA. When some entity provides you with a lot of cash—election after election, for years—and brain washes you with gold plated rationale, it becomes really easy to truly believe the position you are espousing. (Again I’m breaking my promise not to bring up “term limits” any more, but I must note that “term limits” would eliminate being able to buy Congress.)
Letting my mind wander over this sad governmental situation, I came up with some examples of what the future may bring. If the Girl Scouts, for example, were to come up with a super nutritious cookie designed for adolescents, and if they were well funded and had a high pressure lobbying agency, it would take only a few election cycles for Congress to decide that all 4 to 7 years old kids should be entitled to these cookies for free, i.e., paid for by the taxpayer or borrowed money from China.
If Apple and Microsoft and others got together, all 8 year olds would be given iPhones or similar mobile devices. It certainly would help in education. To improve safety, box cutters could be outlawed. Free Disney theme parks could dot the country. Just think how much money the NFL and NASCAR and AARP could raise. Stadiums in every hamlet!
I could go on and on, but the point is that with enough money and rational reasons, Congress can be persuaded (apparently with a clear conscience) to support any good cause such as sale of assault weapons. I apologize for such a downer column, but I wasn’t in a good mood when I wrote this. It was just the day after I filed my tax return.

by Kundan M. Patel

September 2017

In his president’s column for the June 19, 2012 H/AREA newsletter, Lew Bohn wrote:
“This issue’s President’s message is a solicitation for your help. We Honeywell retirees all worked for a large corporation. Contrary to today’s conventional wisdom, we weren’t, like Dilbert, consigned to 6’ X 6’ cubicles nestled together, yet isolated from each other. Each one of us had an important job or we wouldn’t have been here in the first place. What we did was important in the sense that our job had to be done to make the whole corporation operate effectively, whether it was the night cleaners removing the detritus which had accumulated during the day or the CEO determining expenditures of millions of dollars.
We worked hard, did our best and identified with the company, whether it was Allied Chemical, Bendix, Honeywell or whatever. It was “us”. We were part of the company, and many of us spent most of our working careers as part of the company. We were proud of the company and proud of what we did as part of the company.
Ah, for the good old days. Each one of us has stories to tell which would be of great interest to our readers. I urge you as strongly as I can to share them with us. We’ll help you write it, if you like. Some we may not print, but if it would make you feel better, send them anyway. At least we’ll read it. (Some H/AREA members had unfortunate experiences during their careers).

by Kundan M. Patel

June 2017

I do not have any words of wisdom to offer in my column for this newsletter, so I thought I’d use this forum to introduce to you one of our very dedicated board members, John J. (Jack) Belles.
As our administrative assistant, he is the force behind maintaining the H/AREA membership drive as well as preparing the newsletter for mailing. He spends many hours to make the H/AREA operation run smoothly.
Jack joined General Chemical Division of what was then Allied Chemical in Morris Township after finishing college (before the site was the corporate headquarters). He worked in the Analytical Chemistry department for 36 plus years, ending up specializing in the Thermal Analysis group. The job was very interesting in that he got to work on almost all of the company’s products rather that in just one area. In 1969, General Chemical was split into Specialty Chemicals, which moved to Buffalo, and Industrial Chemicals, which stayed in Morristown. Jack stayed with Industrial Chemicals until he retired in 1996.
Jack joined H/AREA in 1996 and worked with a group of 4 or 5 people processing memberships and doing all the other “grunt work.” Then, by attrition Jack inherited the whole job. Jack also does a lot of other volunteer work and pursues many hobbies including interacting with the outdoor amusement business and marching in parades playing a fife with a Colonial Fife & Drum Corps.

by Kundan Patel

March 2017

Belated welcome to 2017. We received a note from our member, Mr. Frank Bresnahan. He will be 102 years old this March. Congratulations and happy 102nd birthday to Frank.

This is his note (slightly edited):
A short note to let you know that I am all right but quite old. My birth date is March, 1915. So I am 101 years old. Hope to reach 102.
I have, a home care aid living with me who takes care of all my needs.
It really is a surprise to me when I wake up each morning, and they tell me that old age makes thing better so I must be nearing perfection.
I don’t like old age, mostly because it is such a bore. Everything seems to be passing me by. And I found out that I am not as important as I thought I was.


Frank was born before Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation was formed in 1920 by publisher Eugene Meyer and Scientist William Nichols. He may be the oldest H/AREA member.

The beauty of this note is that it is hand written, and with humor.


by Kundan Patel

December 2016

It was good to see friends and colleagues at the H/AREA Fall General Meeting on October 18, 2016 at the Morris County Library. Sue Teich, an ambassador for Road Scholar Travel Programs, provided a great deal of information regarding Road Scholar programs.

The meeting began with the announcement that H/AREA Board Members: Larry Loeffler, Richard Bye, James Stevenson, Vincent Grieco, and Samy Palanisamy had been reelected to three year terms.

At the November H/AREA Board of Directors meeting members were elected to the following positions:

H/AREA currently has 761 members 200 of which receive the electronic newsletter.

This being the last newsletter of the year 2016, all of us at H/AREA wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

Perry Anderson
President (2013-2016)

September 2016

For the last several years of his time with us, past President Lou Bohn, vigorously promoted the idea of succession planning. The Board considered the concept, but continued to elect Lou to another year as President of H/AREA. I did not then but now support and embrace the concept of succession planning.

As your President for the past 4 years, I have witnessed, first hand, H/AREA’s evolution from being part of the Honeywell Corporate organization, to becoming an organization totally independent of Honeywell. Going forward as an organization, we need to keep regenerating ourselves and embracing new ideas. So with this in mind, I will step down as President of H/AREA in November 2016. I am not leaving the organization. As a member of your Board of Directors, I will devote more time to the Internet Home Page, will continue to maintain the distribution of the Electronic Newsletter and will continue my support of Jack Belles in the administration of H/AREA.

What will the new organization look like? Stay tuned!

Perry Anderson

What we hear from our Readers
Al Bracuti writes: I maintain a database of 350 members of a men’s club in Wyckoff, NJ.
Lillian Chinnici completed classes and earned a Masters of Social Work degree. She works part time as a medical social worker.
Brian Cowen writes: I retired from Honeywell in 2000 and recently retired from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.
Carlos Cruz states: My volunteer activities are centered in my parish church, Lector, Minister of Hospitality. I write a brief column for our Parish Bulletin on behalf of our council of the Knights of Columbus. As a Certified Flight Instructor, I attend FAA sponsored seminars to maintain state of the art in General Aviation Avionics and Aircraft Technology.
John Lupi spends time playing golf and traveling the world.
Gerald Margulies notes that anyone in Palm Beach County, Florida, that would like to chat, please let him know.
Kenneth Mills notes that AlliedSignal retirees meet quarterly to have lunch near the Frankford, PA plant.
William Novak attends retiree meetings in Maywood Inn’s Twin Door Tavern every three months in Maywood, NJ.
Jon Plaut teaches Environmental Management at Rutgers.
Glen Skola writes that he is currently EVP – Engineering & Operations at American Van Equipment, Inc.
Fred Vodde, Jr. provides part time marketing communication support to Honeywell Process Solutions via “Marcom on Demand”.

June 2016

It was good to see colleagues and friends at the H/AREA Spring General Meeting this past April at the Morris County Library. (A summary of the meeting will be found in the newsletter). Joe Macasek, President of the Canal Society of New Jersey, gave a fascinating talk on the development and operation of the Morris Canal. I have been a member of the Canal Society for 30+ years but didn’t appreciate that the Morris Canal was incorporated in 1824 as the Morris Canal and Banking Company. The banking designation enabled the company to sell bonds to fund the construction of the canal. The banking privileges were dropped when the company reorganized ten years later. All in all it was a captivating look at a piece of New Jersey history.

After several fits and starts, H/AREA launched the electronic version of the “print Newsletter”. We apologize to our electronic readership for the February newsletter arriving on April 27th! The next Newsletter will be delivered electronically within a day or two of the mailing of the print Newsletter. We’ve also decided to print the Newsletter quarterly (June – September – December – March).

Perry Anderson

What we hear from our members

Vera Anderson writes: I miss the snow and skiing, but love the sun’s warmth and blue skies of Arizona!
Jack Arnold notes: welcomed 4 grandchildren into the family in the 22months since I retired; playing a lot of golf; some travel within the US.
Margaret Fitton writes that she is a 93 year old widow of a post WWII employee; they both were New Yorkers then New Jerseyans and for the past several years she has been livng in Pennsylvania; she enjoys the remberances – “old” names and new – and progress reported in the Newsletter.
Otto Frank reports: moved from our home of 47 years to a senior community in New Hampshire. It wasn’t for the climate – we have family here. No regrets. As Otto was doing for the H/AREA Newsletter (ed. note: and continues to do), he is writing short articles for the Hunt Community Newsletter.
Frank Hardalo reports: in 2015 welcomed 4 new great grandchildren, including triplets.
Josephine Mancini writes that she moved from Paterson, NJ to Carmichael, CA several years ago. She enjoys participating in activities at her complex such as T’ai Che exercises, movies, potluck dinners, sing alongs. She would like to hear from co-workers who knew her.
Bernie Oechsli writes that Wil, Art and Joyce Murphy usually stop by for an overnight visit on their annual migration to South Florida from the colder climes of NJ. He also saw Craig and Ruth Young and Frank Young last year. Bernie would like to hear from Ken Sendelsky and Morey Lewis, so Ken and Morey when you read this send Bernie an email!
Edward Ross Jr. writes that Ann and he live in “Sun City”, SC. It’s a great place and they have made friends with a number of people who have moved here from many states.
Ruth Pereira reports that she is presently finishing up a building project in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. She moved back to Morristown a year ago; enjoying seeing the town so energized and built up.
Catherine Smith would like to hear more about HTSI in Columbia, MD. The current operation has downsized, floor space has been condensed. There is no on-site President or management – what is going on? Catherine writes that when she retired in March 2014 (with 45 ½ years of service), everything was intact.
Cathy Storzum reports that she is currently temping at Avis Budget in Parsippany, NJ; she appeared in “Fiddler on the Roof” in 2015; she keeps in touch with friends from Allied Chemical, Allied Corp., AlliedSignal, and Honeywell.
Herman VanDeVaart states that he was active in one of the IEEE societies for over 40 years last year (at 81 years old), and thought it was enough. He is enjoying his retirement, playing bridge and traveling. He notes that the 55+ community has lots of activities.
Jane Wydner writes: every summer we go to California. It gives us a chance to visit our daughter who is a veterinarian there.

February 2016

The year 2015 was one for the record books! While we looked forward to Honeywell’s Corporate Headquarters move to Morris Plains, we anticipated that we would have an office in CTC at the Morris Township site. As the year progressed we learned that there would be no room for us either at the new Corporate Headquarters building or at CTC.

But we are still standing!

Your Board meets monthly at the Morris County Library, we plan to publish our print Newsletter five times each year, we plan update the Internet Home Page monthly and we will continue to host General Meetings at the Morris County Library two times each year.

Membership for 2015 was approximately 900 members residing in 28 states across the US. The H/AREA Internet Email Directory lists email addresses for 706 members. Monthly hits (visits) to the Internet Home Page ranged from 3,666 to 8,166; and of these visits 67.2% to 77.5% were repeat visitors (direct access or bookmarks).

And our members continue to be active! An overview of their volunteer activities illustrate that some are adjunct professors, some started new careers, some have written books, some wrote and presented technical papers, some were substitute teachers, mentors, soccer coaches, ski instructors, Realtors, and on and on.

By the time you read this newsletter, you will have received your 2016 renewal notice. I hope that you will renew and that you will also take the time to tell us what you have been doing this past year. We will highlight your activities in the “What We Hear from Our Members” column in subsequent newsletters. You can also drop me an email telling me of your activities.

Perry Anderson

February 2015

Looking back, 2014 has been another remarkable year. Membership for the year reached approximately 1,000 members residing in 28 states across the US. The H/AREA Internet Email Directory has grown to 744 members. Monthly hits (visits) to the Internet Home Page grew from 5,340 hits in January 2014 to 8,459 hits in December 2014; and of these visits more than half (58%) were repeat visitors (direct access or bookmarks).

And our members are active! An overview of their volunteer activities illustrate that some are adjunct professors, some started new careers, some have written books, some wrote and presented technical papers, some were substitute teachers, mentors, soccer coaches, ski instructors, Realtors, and on and on.

By the time you read this newsletter, you will have received your 2015 renewal notice. I hope that you will renew and that you will also take the time to tell us what you have been doing this past year. We will highlight your activities in the “What We Hear from Our Members” column in subsequent newsletters. You can also drop me an email telling me of your activities.

Looking forward, year 2015 will see Honeywell’s move to their new Headquarters Building in Morris Plains. Stay tuned!

Perry Anderson