Retiree Services

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Honeywell Retiree Benefits

1) Use the Internet

Click on URL Address:    HWRB


 2) Telephone          

Honeywell Retiree Service Center

Tel: 1-800-526-0744

Hrs of Operation: 9:00AM - 6:00PM Eastern Time

To Log On, You Must Have Your: 1) SSN and 2) A Password




3) Write


Honeywell Retiree Service Center

Dept. H9796

2601 Research Forest Drive

The Woodland, Texas   77381



4) Appeal

The Honeywell Retiree Service Center is operated by a third party supplier under contract with Honeywell. If you have contacted the Honeywell Retiree Service Center (via the Internet, by telephone, or in writing) and they have not responded to your request or have responded in what you believe to be an inadequate manner, you may appeal your case directly to Honeywell by sending a detailed email to the following mail box:

(Item #4 was added 09/2015)

5) Health Benefits for Surviving Spouse of a Deceased Retiree

Honeywell offers a large number of Pension Plans (PP) and Medical Plans (MP) to its Retirees.
The Surviving Spouse should contact the Honeywell Retiree Service Center and have a determination made based on the PP/MP held by the Deceased.
(Item #5 was added 10/2009)
(This Section was developed 02/2009)

Where You Can Get Help


A) State Governments


1) New Jersey Residents Click on URL Address:  NJACS    for Aging and Community Services. There are several programs listed.

    Here are some of them.


Health/ Medical Programs
Pharmaceutical Assistance to Aged and Disable (PAAD)
Hearing Aid Assistance to Aged and Disable (HAAD)

Transportation Programs

Motor Vehicle Registration Discount
NJ Reduced Fare

Home Assistance/Housing

LIFELINE Credit/Tenants' LIFELINE Assistance Program


1.1) NJ Homeowner Assistance to Stem Foreclosures

New Jersey Homeowners can expect relief in Loan and Lease Programs (See A. & B. ) funded by $40 million total
and a State Mediation Program (See C.) These three (3) Programs were signed into law
by Gov. J. Corzine during the December 2008 - January 2009 time period.
  1. The Mortgage Stabilization Program (MSP)
    This MSP is funded by $25M.
    MSP provides loans up to $25k to match the lender's contribution.The purpose of these loans are to bring down the borrower's monthly payment.
    There are certain provisions that MSP participants must meet:
  2. The Housing Assistance and Recovery Program (HARP)
    The HARP is funded by $15M.
  3. The NJ Mediation Program
    The NJMP is funded by $12.5M. This is a FREE SERVICE to the User.
    The purpose of this program is to provide Mediators and Lawyers to review Foreclosure Cases.
    They may be able to in their review:

To Enroll in the NJMP, the Viewer has two (2) Options:
For Additional Information on the above Legislative Measures,  Click on this URL addess:

State of New Jersey

Click on Link:   News Archives

Under    NEWS   There are two (2) Links to View their Contents.
Scroll Down and Click on:    Governor Corzine Signs Mortgage Stabilization Measures to Help Stem Foreclosures

Scroll Down and Click on:    Governor Corzine Takes Action on Foreclosure Prevention Measure


2) New York State (NYS) Residents  Click on URL Address:  CITGUIDE  for their Citizen Guide.

    NYS programs for the Aging are listed under the Citizen Guide Topic Health.
The Viewer will find a listing of various Program Topics A (Aging) to V ( Volunteering).


3)Other States  Click on the URL Address:   FirstGov  Then select your particular State or Territory. Search that particular state website for the Topic Health  or Medical. The presentation for each State or Territory will vary greatly depending on what benefits are offered.


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