How We Got Started & What We Are Now

How We Got Started

AREA was a concept first developed by B. Gollomp in the latter part of 1992. His idea was for an organization representing the retirees of the greater Northeast metropolitan region and loosely linked to AlliedSignal corporate offices, providing a forum for services, support and social contact for its members. He contacted a number of associates who had recently retired and who shared his feelings and exploratory efforts began.

Initial discussions were held with members of the AlliedSignal corporate staff and a mutual interest and corporate support for these early efforts were provided.

Other retiree organizations were contacted. Organizational documentation was obtained and reviewed. Discussions were held with specific officers of these organizations. This activity led to the development of a questionnaire to query the retirees within the Northeast metropolitan area as to their interest. Formation of a draft charter and by-laws was also initiated.

With the help of AlliedSignal, a significant mailing was made. An overwhelmingly positive response was received to the mailing.

Volunteers collated the questionnaire responses. The response data was shared with AlliedSignal corporate representatives. Areas of mutual interest such as retiree volunteer and charity work reinforced corporate support of the continued efforts to develop AREA.

Using the responses to the questionnaire, AREA was structured (committees and responsibilities) to best serve the needs of the organization. A charter board of directors was formed and Morris Berenbaum was elected President. All other officers of the charter Board of Directors were also selected.

What We Are Now

On December 2, 1999, AlliedSignal completed its merger with Honeywell and took on the new name of Honeywell International. In keeping with this, your AREA Board of Directors voted to add Honeywell to our name but retain AREA as our abbreviated name. We welcome Honeywell retirees, and encourage those living in the Northeast Region to join AREA.

AREA members meet twice a year to keep current on developments that affect them or would be of interest to them, and to provide suggestions and directions to the elected Board of Directors.

In addition to AREA general meetings, we publish a newsletter six times a year, and maintain this Web site. We plan to update the Web site monthly.

Our present membership stands at more than 1,300 paid members. Annual dues are $5.00. If you wish an application form, click here: Application form.

AREA is designed to be responsive to member needs and uses group leverage for discounts, etc.

Revised March 21, 2000

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